Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week 5/6-5/10

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week is May 6 – 10, 2019!

We want to thank our teachers and staff who educate the hearts of our students,

educate their minds and give them the courage to fulfill their charge and the strength to walk the path our teachers and staff have helped them find!

For their efforts and time, they have given so freely, for the devotion to this

righteous cause, for this and more, we show appreciation this week!

Let’s welcome our teachers and staff to the

Wonderful Land of Oz!

There’s no place like Park View!

Monday, May 6: The Lollipop Kids…The Lollipop Kids…Bring your teacher and/or staff member a lollipop or their favorite candy or snack!

Tuesday, May 7: Welcome to Auntie Em’s Kitchen! Lunch will be provided by the PFC for teachers and staff!

Wed, May 8: It’s a long way to the Emerald City! A tasty “pick me up” treat will be provided by the PFC for teachers and staff!

Thurs, May 9: Have the heart of the tin-man and bring your teacher and/or staff member a classroom/office supply or gift card!

Friday, May 10: The “Yellow Brick Road” of recognition…write a positive note to your teacher and/or staff member to say thank you!

Teacher appreciation week is optional. No student should feel required or obligated.However, if you choose to participate on any of the days, the daily themes are listed above!

Sponsored by your Park View PFC

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