Birthday Books

Click HERE to download the Birthday Book Form

What is a Birthday Book? It is a book that is purchased for $15.00 by family or friend and presented to a student in honor of their birthday during our monthly assembly, usually the one closest to the student’s birthday.

The student keeps the book for two weeks and then returns to the school library. The student’s picture, birth date and presentation date will be placed inside the front cover of the book. The book will then be permanently added to the school library. June, July, August, and September birthdays will be presented during the September assembly.

**The deadline to purchase a Birthday Book for the September assembly is FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH.

March, April, and May birthdays will be presented in March. There is no book presentation in April and May due to Book Fair and end of year activities.

Books are ordered in advance and kept in the library for purchase. These pre-selected titles have been recommended by teachers, students or were placed on a state recommended or accelerated reading list. Books may be purchased any time during the school year and can be held until the student’s birthday as long as the book was paid for in advance.

Please fill out the Birthday Book form and return to the office or library with your payment. Cash or checks need to be made payable to Park View Elementary.

If you do not select a book at the beginning of the school year, an attempt will be made to contact you when it is time to select a book.

Parents are welcome to come to the library to select a birthday book. Library is usually open before school and after school until 4:00 p.m. During school hours are reserved for classroom use. This program helps our library to continue to grow and purchase more books for students to enjoy

If you have any questions, please contact Janeen King at

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