San Joaquin County Office of Education - County Class (Satellite class located at Park View)

Park View is excited to partner with the San Joaquin County Office of Education.

​The San Joaquin County Office of Education, Special Education Programs, support every child's right to an education designed to meet individual needs. It is essential to provide experiences that will enable the student to 1) develop his/her ultimate functioning level, 2) learn in a normalized environment that facilitates comfort, security and is not limited by physical barriers, and 3) utilize those critical skills and attitudes necessary to adapt and function in everyday life. Ultimately, we believe in the "whole child."

 All children are active learners and have the potential for growth. It is our goal to protect and nurture personal dignity, ensure health and safety, and promote understanding of the child.

​The satellite class housed at Park View emphasizes individual programming using principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), methodologies such as discrete trial training (DTT), and structured teaching strategies. It implements community-based instruction as well as integration into general education if appropriate for the individual student.


Please contact the classroom or teacher directly regarding the program, schedules, times, information, and more.

The direct line to room E4 is (209) 253-1659 or email the teacher, Paola Garcia-Lopez at   

​If you wish to speak to a supervisor, please contact; Katy Beckman, Director I, Special Education at 209-292-2909 or email:

View the San Joaquin County Office of Education County Class Calendar for 2021-2022.